About Ephesus Restaurant

EFES or EPHESUS in ancient times was an imported city on the Aegean coast of Turkey near modern day Izmir it was once the Roman capital of Asia. The archaeological site is now a famous tourist attraction with many impressive ruins. The TEMPLE OF ASTEMIS was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world but sadly now reduced to a single standing column. Fortunately many of the archaeological remains are better preserved including the GYMNASUIM OF VEDIUS, a combined gymnasium and baths dating from AD, 150, and the THREATRE. This is a massive tierred area carved out of the side of Mount Pion seating 24,000. The Theatre is still in use for the Ephesus Festival. The ARBLE ROAD leads from the Theatre past the LIBRARY OF CELSUS with its beautiful marble facade to the BATHS OF SCHOLASTICA.